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NC Vehicle inspection equipment

Banalogic ODBII & Safety Inspection unit

Banalogic ODBII & Safety Inspection unit

NCIE OBDII & safety NC inspection unit. Interent Ready   Wireless OBDII & wireless barcode
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Opus ODBII & Safety Inspection unit . ESP inspection unit

OPUS OBDII & Safety Unit

OPUS-ESP Safety and OBDII emissions inspection unit for NC.  
Wireless barcode & OBDII connector.  two year warranty
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Worldwide ODBII & Safety Inspection unit

Worldwide OBDII & Safety Unit

-Dual wired/wireless OBDii Data
-Integrated OBDii verifaction tool and charger
-Wireless 3D Barcode Scanner
-High Quality Computer Components with Windoes OS
-22" Monitor
-All Steel Cabinet with Smallest Footprint
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2023 Motors Emission Control Manual

2023 Motors Emissions Control Manual

NC approved tint meter

Tint meter approved for NC state vheicle inspections

Symtech SCA1 headlight aimer

Symtech SCA1 headlight aimer

NC Inspection Signs

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