Professional Maintenance is the authorized distributor for Global Finishing Systems in North Carolina and South Carolina. We are proud to install and provide service for Global Booths in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Open Face Paint Booth

GFS' Open Face Paint Booths feature a modular panel design, allowing for virtually unlimited sizes and configurations to fit a broad range of finishing processes. The open-face design allows for parts of many sizes to be easily moved in and out of the booth.

ULTRA XD Fast-Track Parts Painting

The Ultra® XD FasTrack booth is ideal for shops painting multiple small parts. This booth features the highest levels of contamination control and energy efficiency. An integrated track allows for easy parts movement before and after the painting process.

Powder Non-Recovery Booth

GFS’ Powder Non-Recovery Booth is a cost-effective, high-performance solution for small batch powder applications. This booths feature an open face design, 3-stage filtration system and a high capacity, low-noise recirculation fan.