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Professional Maintenance offers fresh oil, waste oil, anti freeze (chemical) and grease pumps. They include oil transfer pumps, diaphragm pumps, and grease pumps as well as electric and manual pumps. We service Alemite, Graco, Balcrank, Lincoln, John Dow and Samson.

Portable Standard Duty Pneumatic Grease Pumps

Alemite Portable H Pumps are designed for intermittent use in medium or high pressure industrial applications, providing easy portability. Double acting H Pumps handle lightweight and fibrous lubricants.

Samson PumpMaster 60 12:1 & 80:1 Grease Pumps

12:1 - Moderate pressure, very high volume double acting grease pump for transfer of grease up to NLGI-2. 

80:1 - Very high pressure and high volume delivery double acting pump for use in applications that require extra pressure and volume output where cold temperaturs or low air pressure could limit pump performance.

Samson PumpMaster 3 - 55:1

Light weight and effective double acting high performance air operated pumps specially designed for use in mobile and portable greasing units. Pumps are available with three different suction tube lengths, to fit all commercial grease drums: 35 lb (20 kg), 120 lb (50 kg), and 400 (185 kg). 

Stationary Pneumatic RAM Grease Pumps

Alemite Stationary RAM Pumps deliver fast, quiet and efficient operation. Capable of delivery up to 4.5 pounds per minute, RAM double acting grease pumps reduce line pulsation and allow lower operating pressure. They are designed for piped installations of moderate length. 

Samson PumpMaster 35 - 60:1 Grease Pump

Heavy Duty double acting pumps that combine high pressure and volume delivery. Recommended for use in distribution and greaseing systems that include pipe lines, hose reels, etc. Pumps include height 2″ NPTM adjustable bung adaptor for tank or drum bung mounting.

Samson PumpMaster 45 - 25:1/40:1/70:1 Grease Pumps

25:1 - Moderate pressure, high delivery double acting pumps for transfer of grease up to NLGI-2.

40:1 - High Flow double acting pumps with high pressure delivery for use in lubrication systems that require a combination of high flow and pressure delivery. 

70:1 - High pressure double acting pump for use in applications requiring extra pressure output due to cold temperatures or when low air pressure could limit pump performance.