Professional Maintenance provides service for the gas and diesel equipment we sale.

CarbonClean 1000

CarbonClean 1000 - Fuel System Cleaning and Decarbonizing Service

Everything you need to provide The Tune-Up for the 21st Century


The DieselTune is a 2-line cleaning system that connects to the engine through quality OEM specific adapters. The IDT 4000 passes a concentrated mixture of MotorVac cleaning detergent and diesel fuel through the components of the fuel system while the engine is running.

CarbonClean 245

The MCS 245 is the first gasoline engine system of its kind to clean the fuel system. When used with MotorVac’s proprietary Fuel System Cleaning Detergents, the MCS 245 system cleans the air plenum, throttle body, air bypass valve, injectors, valves, combustion chambers, oxygen sensor and catalytic converters without having to remove any engine components.

EGR Cleaning Tool

For Diesel EGR System Cleaning on the intake and exhaust sides of the EGR valve and cooler.

CarbonClean Dual

A complete fuel system cleaning center.

Excellent return on investment.  One service per day will pay for the machine in a few months!

Pressurized Induction Tool

Pressurized Induction Tool helps you perform an effective induction service on Direct or Conventional Fuel Injected Engines.