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Product Description

When it comes to two and four-wheel alignment services, the AR18 can handle a wheelbase range from 63" up to 177" and is compatible with new technology alignment systems on the market today. With a lifting capacity of 18,000 lbs., technicians can service cars, vans, trucks - even many medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles with ease.

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  • Open-end design
  • Cylinder located under the runway
  • Dual function Sentinel Lock System
  • Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator
  • Adjustable latch bars
  • Single piece non-welded runway with tracks for rolling jacks
  • Internal airline
  • (2) 7,000 lbs. capacity rolling jacks
  • Stainless steel radius gauges
  • Rollback bar
  • Rear slip plates
  • Compatible with the new technology alignment systems on the market today
  • ALI Certified
  • 14,000 lbs. capacity