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At a Glance

  • Manually reversible oil pump
  • Intake unloaders reduce work
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Rebuildable components
  • Loadless starting


Up Close

  • 1-25 hp, 500 psig maximum
  • Single & Two Stage
  • 100% duty cycle rated
  • Pressure lubricated
  • Cast iron cylinders/valve seats



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The Quincy QR-25 Delivers Excellent Long-Term Value for Your Money

The selection process for purchasing an air compressor should entail much more than looking at the purchase price: You should also consider how much it will cost to own and operate the compressor over time.

Because the Quincy QR-25 produces more air per horsepower than other compressors on the market, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your energy costs which will save you a substantial amount of money.

The QR-25’s built-in reliability also greatly reduces the possibility of compressor failure and costly downtime.

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