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Ultra-Flex Manifolds

The Ultra-Flex Manifolds deliver incredible flexibility for a point-of-use solution with up

to four separate outlet points to tackle any air system requirement.

DRI Outlet Manifold 



Water Remover

A simple in-line or point-of-use solution for cost-effective removal of water.

DRI WR-50 



Lockable Isolation Valve

The Isolation Valve ensures no compressed air will reach the point-of-use

tools during maintenance.

 DRI Exhaust Valve 2C
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  • Ultra-Flex Manifolds

    • Four-point outlet with threaded inlet and base ports
    • Convenient mounting bracket with position grooves
    • Extruded aluminum body

    Water Remover

    • Effectively removes 99% of water droplets in-line
    • Tempered sight glass allows visual indication of water capture
    • Long life element

    Lockable Isolation Valve

    • OSHA-compliant lockable isolation valve
    • Prevents accidents caused by residual pressure
    • Optional mufflers available
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